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Missing teeth take a daily toll on your life; they drain your spirit because they can affect your speech, make it embarrassing to smile when you're around others, and cause you to eliminate certain foods from your diet because it hurts too much to chew them.

Fortunately, you don't have to live with tooth loss, and your biggest challenge will be to decide which tooth replacement is right for you. We recommend dental implants in Temple, TX, because they most resemble the structure and function of a natural tooth and are a stable, secure tooth replacement that can last a lifetime.

Learn More about Dental Implants in Temple, TX

Getting a tooth implant is a big step, and you should feel confident and comfortable about the process before we proceed. We will spend all the time necessary to answer your questions and help you decide if a dental implant is the right solution for you.

Please call Temple Dental Trails to arrange a convenient appointment with one of our skilled dentists to discuss dental implants and other tooth replacement options.


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Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

A dental implant acts as a replacement root for a missing tooth, restores normal function, and completes your smile for a better appearance. The beauty of tooth implants is that they're designed to look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth.

Other solutions replace missing teeth, such as dental bridges and full and partial dentures. But dental implants in Temple are the only option that replaces an entire tooth, from the artificial root in your jaw to the crown that's visible when you smile.

An implant is a tiny titanium screw that our highly-trained dentists expertly place in your jaw. As it heals, the implant starts to integrate with the bone and tissue around it.

Eventually, it forms a secure bond, and the implant takes up the function of the missing tooth root. After it heals completely, our dentist in Temple, TX attaches a crown, bridge, or denture to complete your smile.

Dental Implants: A Healthy Tooth Replacement

Dental implants not only solve the cosmetic problem of a missing tooth – but they also help maintain ideal dental health. An implant that's stabilized in your jaw bone prevents surrounding teeth from moving out of alignment and becoming unstable.

The implant is a very small titanium post that is placed in your jaw bone and integrates with surrounding tissue as it heals. This allows for the placement of dental restorations that may include one tooth or several teeth. We commonly use dental implants for our Temple, TX patients who would like to stabilize a dental bridge or complete or partial dentures.

Since the implant's titanium post becomes part of your jawbone, it also prevents deterioration of the bone, which is a typical result of tooth loss. Dental implants are entirely independent of surrounding teeth, so they also provide a tooth replacement option that does not put stress on healthy adjacent teeth.

How We Place Dental Implants in Temple, TX

Model of dental implant l Dentist temple txWe are pleased to handle the entire dental implant process, from placing the implant to creating the final restoration, right here in our modern Temple, TX dental office. Continuity makes treatment more convenient and ensures that you receive the highest standard of care throughout the dental implant process, and any other dental treatment.

A dental implant is comprised of three separate pieces – the implant, the abutment, and the restoration, which may be a crown, bridge, or denture. The first step is to place the implant in your jaw.

To deliver the best possible long-term results for you, our skilled dentists perform computer-guided implant surgery at Temple Dental Trails to ensure that they place your implant at the optimal depth and position to ensure long-term success.

Once the implant heals and integrates fully, our dentists attach the abutment. This abutment provides a place for us to connect the dental crown or other restoration, which is the final piece of the implant and acts as the functional part of your new tooth.

We Ensure Stress-Free Dental Implant Placement

When performed by a dentist who is specially trained in implant surgery, having a dental implant placed is similar to having a tooth pulled.

With sedation dentistry at our Temple, TX dental office, our dentists can keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Our skilled dentists have had advanced training in placing dental implants, and our patients often tell us that their experience was much more comfortable than they expected.

A gentle touch, caring team, and sedation dentistry can make all the difference when it comes to a procedure like dental implant placement.

Nitrous Oxide

We can provide nitrous oxide sedation at Temple Dental Trails, which is usually sufficient for the majority of patients. Nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep, but it does induce a relaxed, dreamy state. You will be awake, but all the sounds and activity around you will seem very far away.

Oral Sedation

Our dentists are also licensed to prescribe a calming medication if you have more significant anxiety. You will take the medication when you arrive at Temple Dental Trails for your dental appointment. By the time you're ready for your procedure, you will be very calm. Oral sedatives are especially useful when combined with nitrous oxide sedation.

We know that the thought of any oral surgery can be a little overwhelming, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns! Our dental care team is trained to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Dental Implants Last a Lifetime with Proper Care

Woman sitting in dental exam chair smiling l dentist near meDental implants are a long-term solution we offer for Temple, TX patients who want to replace one or more missing teeth. With proper care, a dental implant can last a lifetime.

You can increase the lifespan of your dental implant by paying close attention to the health of your gums. If you develop gum disease and it goes untreated, the bone that supports your implant can start to deteriorate and put your implant at risk for failure.

Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly every day, and talk to our dental hygienist if you need tips for cleaning around your implant. Call us and schedule checkups and teeth cleaning appointments every six months or as recommended by our dental care team.

A combination of conscientious oral hygiene at home and check-in appointments at Temple Dental Trails ensures that you'll get the most longevity out of your dental implant.

If you're thinking of getting a tooth implant, you can be confident that we will provide all the guidance and information you need to ensure long-term success. Please call us to schedule an appointment to learn more.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Ideal candidates for dental implant placement have sufficient dense bone in their jaw into which we can securely place the implant post. During your initial evaluation, our dentists will use 3-D cone beam technology to evaluate the quality of bone to see if you're a good candidate for a tooth implant.

Even if we find that you don't have enough bone, we can discuss a bone grafting procedure with you. This is a process where our dentists take bone from a donor or another part of your body and graft it to the bone in your jaw. While it can take several months to complete, a successful bone grafting procedure will allow you to get the dental implant you've always wanted.

If a dentist has told you in the past that you cannot get a dental implant, please call and schedule an appointment at Temple Dental Trails. They'll evaluate your needs and let you know if a bone grafting procedure will make it possible for you to get a dental implant in the future.