Cosmetic Dentistry - Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Are you missing some teeth and feel embarrassed to smile? Have you avoided going out to eat in public because of a loose denture? This patient came to see Dr. Richard Leung hoping he could fix her missing tooth and "embarrassing" smile. She told us that she had worn a temporary denture for the past 7 years to cover up her missing tooth. But she had so much trouble eating with the denture that she eventually "avoided eating in public." After talking to Dr. Rich and going over a couple of treatment options, we decided to go with a fixed porcelain bridge and crowns as the best option to transform her smile back.

Here are her before and after pictures as we completed the initial phase of her treatment. She still has a little more work to do but her smile has dramatically transformed already! Check back later as we continue to update her pictures as we continue the rest of her treatment.
image of discolored and missing teeth | temple tx Image of the same teeth after crowns and a fixed bridge | temple tx
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