What is KöR teeth whitening?

KöR is one of the newest teeth whitening brands, and it produces remarkable results. In fact, KöR is considered to be the mKoR Teeth Whitening | Temple TX Dentistost effective teeth whitening treatment available today, lightening teeth by 16 shades or more.

Over time, your teeth collect stains and begin to look dull and discolored. This is normal and happens to everyone. The extent of discoloration depends on genetics, the foods you consume, and even the medications you take.

How does KöR whitening gel work?

KöR whitening gel is a unique proprietary formula that improves the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. This important action allows the whitening agent to penetrate deeply into your tooth enamel. KöR effectively lifts even the most stubborn stains. It is also the only teeth whitening product available that can virtually eliminate tetracycline stains.

Treatment with KöR includes a brief visit to our Temple dental office where we will prepare your custom-made whitening trays. You wear the trays while you sleep, and in two weeks you will return to our office so we can evaluate the results.

Once the desired level of whitening is achieved, you simply wear your trays once a month for maintenance and return to our office every six months for touch-up treatment.

Interested & want to learn more about teeth whitening?

We also have other options for whitening, and one of our hygienists will be happy to provide all the information. Please contact us to arrange an appointment for your next dental cleaning so we can tell you more about KöR teeth whitening.

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