How is KöR Teeth Whitening different from other treatments?

KöR is a professional teeth whitening treatment that has been shown to be the most efficient option for restoring your fresh, youthful smile. Using KöR at our Temple, TX office can dramatically brighten your smile and, unlike other whitening treatments, the results are permanent.Teeth Whitening in Temple Texas

Most professional teeth whitening treatments work by lifting stains from the surface of your teeth. On the other hand, KöR’s proprietary gel gets deep inside the tooth enamel to remove stains that are resistant to other whitening treatments. In fact, KöR is the only whitening product on the market today that eliminates tetracycline staining.

What is the KOR Teeth Whitening process?

KöR whitening produces dramatic results and can brighten your smile by as much as 16 shades. Best of all, the results are permanent! Once you have completed the at-home whitening process, all you need is monthly touch ups to maintain the brightness of your fresh new smile.

Call Temple Dental Trails to learn more

It is essential for you to have healthy teeth before any whitening treatment. If you are thinking about KöR teeth whitening, please call our Temple, TX dental office. We will be happy to arrange an exam with Dr. Leung so he can check the condition of your teeth. If he sees anything that needs to be corrected before whitening, he will be happy to make recommendations for treatment. 

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