I’m having a dental emergency. What should I do?

Woman with tooth pain | Emergency Dentist Temple TXWe know that dental emergencies are often frightening and almost always painful. The first step is to contact our Temple dental office as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist in Temple, TX always reserves time to provide urgent care for patients. 

If your dental emergency occurs during business hours, give our 76504 office a call, and we will get you in for treatment the same day. If it’s after hours, you can contact us at our emergency number (254) 300-8381. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In an emergency, there are some steps you can take before you get to our office for treatment:

Severe Tooth Pain

As you can guess, severe pain indicates a serious problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. You can use cold compresses on and off for 20 minutes to help reduce the pain until you get to our office.

Knocked-Out Teetth

Call our office immediately, because the sooner we see you, the better the chance we have of saving your tooth. Handle it by the crown and do not touch the root! It's important to keep the root moist, so you should place the tooth in milk or warm water until you get to our office.

Lost Dental Crown

In some cases, it is possible to re-cement the crown into place, so keep it safe until you arrive at our office. We do not recommend using over-the-counter cement to try to place the crown back on your tooth.

Note: If your emergency involves trauma to your face or head, call 911 or get to an emergency room immediately.

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