What is dental bonding? How does it work?

Dental Bonding in Temple Texas We often see patients at our Temple, TX dental office who believe that any cosmetic dentistry treatment is going to have a high price tag. While it’s true that you have to budget for something like a full set of porcelain veneers, there are conservative options that may be all you need to see a beautiful, renewed smile.

What does dental bonding fix?

Dental bonding is an example of a conservative cosmetic treatment that can correct multiple issues without a significant investment in time or money. Dr. Richard Leung uses bonding to fix all sorts of aesthetic flaws including teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked, or severely stained. We can even use bonding to alter the shape of a tooth.

What the dental bonding procedure in Temple?

We use a dental composite material for bonding that has the characteristics of natural dental enamel. Dr. Leung matches the material to the shade of your tooth for a durable, invisible repair. The material is built up gradually, layer by layer until the desired shape is achieved. Since we match the bonding material to your natural tooth color, no one will ever guess you’ve had any work done!

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