Study: The People Who Surround You Affect Your Oral Health

April 25, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Wei-Yen Chang
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How much does your personal social network – family, friends, acquaintances – impact the information you receive about your oral health?

A researcher from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine who specializes in social epidemiology (the study of how social structures impact states of health) asked the same question. In 2008, she turned her focus to understanding oral health and disease of residents in Boston public housing.

The Results

The results, published in Science Daily, concluded that close personal connections strongly influence how people handle health information. It was found that the 1,000 residents surveyed tend to take the word of people they trust over that of an outsider.

More focused research needs to be done to help us understand how dental professionals can use these social structures to help patients support good oral health. But what we can do is work on building trusting, respectful relationships so patients always know they have an informed source they feel comfortable turning to.

Prevention is Key

At Temple Dental Trails, one of our priorities is helping our patients understand how beneficial prevention is. Think of managing your oral health in the same way you take care of your car.

You know that if you don’t want to break down on the highway and face an expensive repair, you need to get routine oil changes. Likewise, if you don’t want your teeth to break down and lead to costly treatment, you need to stay current with preventive dental care.

Dr. Richard Leung, your dentist in Temple, TX, enjoys helping our patients enjoy all the benefits that go with a healthy smile. Our team is highly trained, and we all work together to make your time with us as stress-free, pleasant, and productive as possible.

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