4 Reasons to Choose a Dental Bridge

August 10, 2017
Posted By: Brenna Sura, DDS

Fixed bridges are an essential restorative service we offer at our Temple, TX dental office. If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge will restore appearance and function so you can smile confidently again.

Most dental bridges consist of three pieces – two crowns that are attached to adjacent teeth with an artificial tooth (pontic) suspended between them. Today we take advantage of incredible advances in dental materials to create durable bridges that blend beautifully with your smile and look completely natural. With proper oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings, your bridge can last ten years or more.

If you have been living with the inconvenience and discomfort of a missing tooth, here are four reasons to choose a dental bridge:

  1. Restore the Appearance of Your Smile – Living with a missing tooth makes you feel self-conscious and affects the way others see you. You can exert a lot of energy trying to find ways to hide your teeth, but a dental bridge will complete your smile and restore your confidence.
  2. Restore Function – It can be tiring to try to adapt your diet to a missing tooth. You can only eat foods that don’t hurt when you chew, and even then you probably have to shift food around in your mouth so chewing doesn’t hurt.
  3. Maintain the Shape of Your Face – Even one missing tooth can alter the shape of your face and give it a sunken appearance. Replacing the tooth fills out your face and restores your youthful look.
  4. Prevent Remaining Teeth from Drifting – You may not realize it, but your teeth are always moving slightly. Without a bridge to hold a space for the missing tooth, surrounding teeth will gradually start to drift into the empty space.

Are you tired of having your life revolve around a missing tooth? Please call our Temple, TX dental office for an appointment. Dr. Richard Leung will be happy to consult with you to decide if a fixed dental bridge is the right choice for you.

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