Which Orthodontic Options Are Right for Adults?

May 26, 2016
Posted By: Temple Dental Trails
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Many adult patients come to Temple Dental Trails seeking to correct their misaligned teeth. One problem, though – they really don’t like the idea of spending a year or more wearing metal brackets and wires!

This is completely understandable. As an adult, you have a particular image you want to present to the world. You might be a professional who needs to meet with clients or give presentations, and metal braces can really cramp your style!

Fortunately, we offer multiple options in adult orthodontics at our Temple dental office.

Orthodontic Options

Invisalign – This is probably the most popular adult orthodontic option around (and it’s available for teenagers, too!). Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses translucent plastic aligners to shift teeth gently. When the aligners are in place, they are virtually invisible. Plus, since the aligners are removed for eating and hygiene, the limitations of bracket and wires vanish.

Six Month Smiles – If your misalignment is primarily cosmetic in nature and affects the teeth that show when you smile, then Six Month Smiles may be a great option for you. As the name implies, treatment times average about six months. While brackets are used, they are clear and far more subtle than traditional braces, and the memory wire helps your teeth move quickly yet comfortably and safely. You’ll be amazed how quickly this treatment can be completed!

Traditional Braces – While we know that traditional braces probably aren’t your first choice, in some cases they are the most appropriate option, especially if you have a severe misalignment or your bite is involved. The good news is that braces are more comfortable, lighter, and smaller than you might remember from your childhood days.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

If you’re considering straightening your teeth (and we recommend straightening misalignments to improve the health of your smile and reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease), call Temple Dental Trails to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Richard Leung. He’ll review your current state of health, discuss your goals with you, and recommend a solution that fits your needs. 

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