How to Know When a Dental Problem Is an Emergency

November 27, 2019
Posted By: Temple Dental Trails

Dental emergencies are often painful and always inconvenient. A broken tooth, lost dental crown, or unbearable toothache are all problems that require prompt emergency dental care.

But how can you tell if your problem is a real dental emergency? You can’t, but we can, and if it concerns you, we want to know about it. Call our emergency dentist in Temple, TX, and we’ll let you know if we need to see you the same day or schedule you for our next available appointment.

Urgent Dental Emergencies

The following dental emergencies require our immediate attention. Call us right away at (254) 771-1115.

Excruciating Toothache

Dental pain that’s so excruciating you can’t function tells us that you have deep decay, abscess, or infection and may be in danger of losing the tooth. You may need an emergency root canal or extraction to eliminate your pain and protect your oral health. Our dental team is here to help relieve these extreme symptoms.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is one dental emergency where you really do need to drop everything and seek treatment. Our dentists can help, but re-implanting the tooth in its socket is only successful in the first couple of hours after it’s knocked out.

We Treat All Dental Emergencies

The following situations are not quite as urgent, but we do need to see you as soon as possible:

  • Mild toothache
  • Broken tooth
  • Broken dental crown
  • Lost dental crown
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Bleeding gums

These are general guidelines, so we want you always to call our emergency dentists in Temple first. Even a mild toothache or lost dental crown can be an urgent situation. Call us, and a knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to guide you.

A Note about Emergency Rooms

Unless you have a traumatic jaw or facial injury, don’t go to the emergency room with your dental problem. Emergency rooms with a dentist on staff are extremely rare, and an ER doctor can prescribe antibiotics, but they can’t eliminate the source of your pain.

Call Temple Dental Trails and get your emergency treatment from skilled and experienced dentists. If you avoid calling because you have dental anxiety, you’ll be pleased to know that we also offer sedation dentistry for your comfort.

We Take Your Dental Insurance

Instead of searching for “Blue Cross dentist Temple” or “Cigna dentist Temple,” call us first. We accept both these dental insurances, as well as Aetna, Delta Dental, Guardian, and many others.

Call Us with Your Dental Emergency

Your call is never inconvenient for us, and we want to know what’s going on so we can help you. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Temple, please call us at (254) 771-1115.

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