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What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

January 30, 2020
Posted By: Temple Dental Trails Staff
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Your toddler just got their first baby tooth—a milestone event in your little one’s development—marking the beginning of a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

The first step is to call your children’s dentist in Temple, TX to schedule your little one’s first visit. Why so early? Children are very impressionable, and this is the perfect time to start building their confidence in dental visits and helping them see the experience as a fun and exciting new adventure.

Relax—We’ve Got This!

Every parent wants to keep their child safe and comfortable, so you may worry about how the appointment will go or if your son or daughter will cooperate.

Please put your mind at rest; we’re all trained to be responsive to children’s needs, and many of us are parents too. Our kids’ dentist in Temple will provide the same compassionate, gentle care they would want for their own kids.

What Happens during Your Child’s “Happy Visit”

At Temple Dental Trails, we refer to these early appointments as “happy visits.” The primary goal is to welcome your child warmly and help them explore the new environment in a stress-free, non-threatening manner.

Small steps like giving them a ride in the dental chair, counting their teeth, and letting them hold a toothbrush introduces them to the idea of oral care and being in a dental office. Some kids adapt more quickly than others, so we will let your unique child dictate the pace.

If they’re receptive, our children’s dentist in Temple, TX will examine your little one’s teeth. If we sense that they’ve had enough for one visit, we’ll reward them with a prize from our treasure box and send them happily on their way.

You Can Set the Stage for a Positive Experience

One method we recommend to help introduce your child to the dental experience is to bring them with you to your or a sibling’s cleaning appointment. Without any stress at all, they can see that if mom or big brother can do it, it can’t be that scary.

Most importantly, do not ever speak in negative terms about dentistry, even if you think your child’s not paying attention. Children are highly impressionable, and we all need to work together as a team to ensure that we don’t say or do anything to turn them off to the idea of dentistry.

Call Temple Dental Trails to Schedule

Is it time to schedule your child’s first visit? Do you have general questions about their oral health care? Call our children’s dentist in Temple, TX, so we can get started!

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