Why You Should Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

January 22, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Richard Leung
Tooth Colored Fillings | Temple Texas

Most people will get cavities at some point in their life, which are often treated using fillings. People who received fillings a decade ago, only had the option of a metal alloy material that was noticeable when they laughed or smiled. With today’s technology, Temple Dental Trails offers those that need fillings the option of a tooth-colored composite and can even replace the old metal fillings for a more natural and attractive look.


Composite fillings are made up of a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture that is placed into the cavity, layer by layer. Each layer is hardened by a specific light before the next layer is put on to give the filling strength and durability. Once the filling has been placed, your dentist will polish the composite in order to make it look natural and prevent staining.

The main advantage of composite fillings is the aesthetic appeal. Your dentist can mix shades in order to provide you with a customized composite that closely matches the color of your teeth. They also bond better to the tooth to support the structure of the tooth and prevent further decay and breakage.

Composite Bonding

The composite resin can be used for more than just fillings, it is also useful in cosmetic dentistry procedures as well. It can be used to fill in minor gaps, chips, and cracks in your teeth. It is a more cost effective and less damaging way to make your teeth more attractive. Your dentist will prepare a small amount of the tooth for the composite to have something to attach to, then each layer will be done one by one. Once the composite has hardened your dentist will shape and polish the composite so it is more cohesive with the rest of your teeth.

Why Choose Tooth-colored Fillings

Metal alloy fillings can make people self-conscious of their smile and want to cover their mouths when they laugh or smile. With composite fillings, we can make your tooth healthier, more functional, and more beautiful. If you are in the Temple, TX area and would like to know more about composite fillings and bonding, please contact us today!

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