The 5-Step Process of Filling Cavities

August 23, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Richard Leung
Dentist Filling Cavities Temple TX

If you have had teeth filled in the past, you probably didn’t give a lot of thought to the procedure itself. You went in to see your dentist with a cavity, and you left with a cavity-free, healthy tooth. What more do you need to know?

While we don’t think it’s necessary to bore you with too much detailed information, we do want you to be aware of what’s happening during treatment. After all, it is your mouth we’re talking about here!

Dental Fillings - A 5-Step Process

Next time you need to have a tooth-colored filling in Temple, you will see that we perform the procedure in five steps:

  1. Numbing the Tooth – We start by numbing your gum with a topical gel. The next step is the injection, where an anesthetic is slowly released into your gum tissue to numb the area we are treating.
  2. Removing Decay – When your tooth is completely numb, your dentist will use a high-speed drill to remove the decay and any unsupported dental enamel. We will switch to a slower drill when we reach the dentin, which is softer than enamel.
  3. Preparing the Tooth – We prepare the tooth by shaping the space to receive the filling. In the case of tooth-colored fillings, only a minimal amount of natural tooth structure needs to be removed form a durable bond.
  4. Filling the Tooth - If your dentist is doing a bonded filling, the tooth will be prepared with an acid gel before we place the filling. This process creates a durable bond between your tooth and the filling material
  5. Checking Dental Bite – You are probably familiar with the little piece of carbon paper you have to bite down on after a filling. This part of the procedure helps us identify and remove high spots that may create problems with your bite in the future.

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