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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Improve Your Smile

June 26, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Richard Leung
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Everyone has different reasons for wanting to improve the appearance of the smile. You may have a big event coming up like a wedding or class reunion. Maybe you have a big presentation at work and want to boost your confidence.

Or, maybe you just want to look your best all the time.

If you’d like to present your best smile to others and make great first impressions, cosmetic dentistry in Temple, TX offers the solution you need.

What Are Your Smile Goals?

You may know exactly what you want to change about your smile and the treatment you think you’ll need. But many people who want to make a change aren't sure how their goals line up with the cosmetic dental treatments available.

The first step is to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist to explain what you don’t like about your smile. But how do you communicate your goals if you aren't sure what they are?

Here are ten questions you should ask yourself before you arrive at your dentist’s office.

  • How do you feel about your smile?
  • Do you feel embarrassed about crooked or crowded teeth?
  • Are there gaps or uneven spacing between your teeth?
  • Do chipped or broken teeth mar your smile?
  • Are your teeth stained, or would you like your smile to look brighter?
  • Are you happy with the shape and size of your teeth?
  • Do your teeth appear too long or too short?
  • Are you thinking of a specific dental treatment to achieve your goals?
  • Do you have a big event like a wedding or class reunion coming up?
  • How much do you want to invest in a smile makeover?

Asking yourself these questions helps you zero in on what your priorities are. And having an idea of what you want helps your dentist recommend appropriate treatment options.

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