How soon should I bring my baby to the dentist?

mother and child | children's dentistry temple tx We recommend that you bring your little one to see us as soon as their baby teeth start to appear. Getting an early start with their dental care will help to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.

As a parent, you’re probably a little worried about how the first visit will go and how your child will respond. Dr. Leung has lots of experience treating young children and knows what they need to feel safe and secure during dental visits.

What do you do to make this a smooth process?

During the first couple of visits, we really don’t do any dental work. We just want to get your child used to sitting in the dental chair. Our goal is to show them that visits to the dentist are fun! Once they feel comfortable with us, we will start to do some more thorough exams to see how their teeth are developing.

Prevention is key!

You may not realize it, but it is extremely important to make sure that baby teeth stay healthy. If a baby tooth is lost too soon because of decay, it can compromise the second teeth that are already developing in their gums.

Early visits allow us to spot problems while they are still easy to fix. If your child needs a filling, Dr. Leung knows how to do the procedure quickly and usually without the need for any shots.

We would love to get to know your child, so please call our Temple dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment for that all-important first visit!

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