Is sedation dentistry safe?

Safe Sedation Dentistry | Temple TX DentistBefore we offer you any type of sedation dentistry, we will take a full medical history to make sure that sedation dentistry will work for you and to avoid any drug interactions.

What is the mildest form of sedation?

For most patients, our mildest form of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide, is completely safe. Because it enters and leaves your system quickly, you don’t need to worry about residual effects or many drug interactions. Only a few conditions, including respiratory illnesses, may keep you from using nitrous oxide safely.

What if I need a stronger form of sedation?

For patients needing a deeper form of sedation, we offer oral conscious sedation, which involves prescribed medication that you will take prior to your treatment. For most healthy patients, oral sedation is a great option to provide greater comfort and well-being while you have your treatment. We will monitor you closely during your appointment to ensure your safety. You will remain conscious and responsive, while still being completely relaxed.

Certain medications and medical conditions are not compatible with oral sedation dentistry. We will ask you questions about your medications and health before we prescribe any medication from our office.

Health and safety are our top priorities!

Our main goals are your health and safety. Sedation dentistry can provide you with options when it comes to relieving your dental anxiety and allowing you to remain relaxed for your dental treatment.

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