Why do I need dental cleanings more than twice a year?

Dental cleanings twice a year with your dentist in Temple, TX are the standard recommended by the American Dental Association. They've determined that this frequency works well for people who have a healthy smile and want to maintain excellent oral health.

Dental visits every six months are ideal because we can also stay a step ahead of cavities and signs of gum disease. Preventing both from doing long-term damage to your oral health is much easier for you than allowing them to develop and require more advanced treatment to correct.

How Many Dental Visits Do I Need?

But for some people—especially those with a history of cavities or gum disease—our general dentist in Temple, TX might recommend three or more cleaning appointments every 12 months. It’s especially critical to stay on top of active gum disease, especially periodontitis, the most advanced form. Untreated periodontitis will advance to the point that your teeth start to loosen, and you may need to have them extracted.

The number of visits you’ll need to make to Temple Dental Trails for teeth cleanings depends on your unique needs. If we’ve told you that you need more frequent cleaning appointments, our dentists and hygienists will explain why and how they will benefit you.

Contact Temple Dental Trails

If you're due for your next dental cleaning in Temple, please call us at (254) 771-1115 to schedule an appointment. If you’re overdue, you’ll be happy to know that we’re a judgment-free dental practice, and our only goal is to start today and work toward improving your oral health.

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