Does my child need early orthodontic treatment?

image of a younger individuals teeth with newly fitted braces temple txFor children, we recommend an orthodontic evaluation at our Temple dental office around age seven. At this point, your son or daughter will likely have their first permanent molar. Noting the position of this tooth allows Dr. Rich to identify any existing bite problems and predict the future movement of their teeth.

Early Teeth Alignment 

Even if your child does not need braces right away, we may suggest treatments like space maintainers to ensure that there is enough room between teeth for them to erupt correctly. In some cases, early intervention eliminates the need for orthodontic treatment in the future.

If needed, we will begin orthodontic treatment for your child when most of their permanent teeth have emerged. The goal is to ensure the correct positioning of each tooth in the mouth and that they function together properly. Treatment with full upper and lower braces typically takes between 18 and 24 months.

Contact Our Office in the 76513 Area 

The best place to start is by contacting us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Rich. He will evaluate your child’s need for orthodontics in Temple and let you know if we think they will need treatment. If they do, you can count on our team to provide the gentle, comprehensive care your child needs throughout the entire process.

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