At what age should my child start orthodontic treatment?

The recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is that children be evaluated for orthodontic treatment around age seven. Your child may not need early treatment, but the sooner some orthodontic problems are detected, the easier they will be to correct.

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By age seven, most children have entered what is called the mixed dentition stage when permanent teeth start erupting while baby teeth are still present. The first molar is typically the first permanent tooth to appear, and its positioning can tell Dr. Rich a lot about the future positioning of other permanent teeth.

How does Dr. Rich examine orthodontic patients?

He also checks for overbites, underbites, crossbites, etc. that he may need to address. Based on his exam, Dr. Rich may determine that early intervention with headgear or other appliance would be beneficial for your child’s future orthodontic treatment.

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But don’t be too concerned; we might find that your child’s dental development is on track and no early intervention is required. In either case, these visits have value because they allow you and your child to start to develop a relationship with Dr. Rich and our team.

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