Periodontal Disease and Your Quality of Life

Gum Disease | Temple Dental Trails

It’s easy to take good oral health for granted. Unfortunately, dental health isn’t a priority for most people until something goes wrong.

Temple, TX dentist Dr. Richard Leung emphasizes the importance of preventive exams and cleanings to stop problems like periodontal disease before they start and to keep your teeth healthy.

Gum Disease Affects Millions of People

Gum disease in America continues to be a widespread problem. The Centers for Disease Control conducted a study that shows that nearly 65 million Americans have some degree of gum disease. While this is a serious oral health problem, gum disease can have an impact on your quality of life as well.

How Gum Disease ...

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Things You Should Know about Dental Implants

Dental Implant Diagram | Dental Implants Temple TX

By now, dental implants have been around long enough that most people have heard of them and know that they replace a missing tooth. But there are many benefits to dental implants that may not occur to you. 

Temple, TX dentist Dr. Richard Leung would like to share some information that you should consider when deciding on the best long-term tooth replacement for you.

Options for Tooth Replacement

Dentures – Removable dentures have changed the lives of many people by restoring function and appearance. But there have always been issues with discomfort and slipping and shifting, making it challenging to enjoy all your favorite foods with confidence. 

Dental Bridges – Bridges are ...

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Snacking and Cavities - What's Going on in Your Child's Mouth

Cavities | Temple Dental Trails | Temple TX

Snacking and Cavities – What’s Happening in Your Child’s Mouth


It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! Our team always loves practicing children’s dentistry at our Temple, TX dental office. But this month is specially dedicated to your child and the steps you can take to make sure their smile stays healthy.

Where Cavities Come From

You probably already know that conscientious brushing and flossing is an essential part of your child’s dental health. And you probably also know that snacking on sugary foods all day isn’t good for your child’s teeth. But what’s the connection between all these goodies and the cavities that develop in your child’s teeth?

There are loads of bacteria ...

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Children and Dental Anxiety

Children's Dentistry | Temple Dental Trails

Dental anxiety or fears when it comes to visiting the dentist are common, and they usually start during childhood. Going to the dentist can be a new and uncomfortable environment for children, and preparing for your child's dental visit ahead of time, along with visiting an experienced dentist, can help make the process much more smooth. At Temple Dental Trails, we take pride in offering a welcoming, comfortable environment for patients of all ages! 

Making your Child's Visit Great

One of the best things you can do for your child is to take them to an experienced dentist at an early age. Not only is vital to your child's oral health that ...

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Do I need a Root Canal?

Root Canals | Temple TX Dentist

Root canals are needed when a tooth has severe decay or damage. It's very common to need a root canal if cavities are left untreated, allowing the decay to progress into the inner area of your tooth. 

This procedure is more in-depth than a normal filling. First, your dentist will administer some anesthetic to ensure that you don't feel any pain during the procedure, and then they will drill a hole to allow access to the inside of your tooth. Your dentist will then use a series of specialized tools to remove the decay, infection, and all of the pulp and nerves from the inside of the affected tooth. Then the ...

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Post-Orthodontic Care

A Woman Holds Her Retainer | Temple TX Dentist

When you think about your braces, you probably think about the treatment process, and actually having braces on your teeth. But post-care is extremely important after an orthodontic treatment as well! Of course, your specific care needs after your treatment will depend on your unique situation, but there's some normal items that you can expect once your braces have been removed: 

  • Regular checkups:  After your braces have been removed, you'll still need to follow up with your dentist to ensure that your teeth are staying put. In some cases, braces may need to be reapplied if the teeth are quickly moving back, so keeping up with post-care is very important!
  • Retainers: Retainers ...

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Transitioning from Dentures to Dental Implants

Tooth Implant Temple TX

Dentures are a very common option for tooth replacement, and this treatment works well for many people. However, some of the downsides of dentures may mean that an upgrade is in order. Dental implants are a permanent option that are more comfortable, natural looking, and natural feeling. Implants involve the placement of a titanium post into the jawbone that is topped by a full crown. 

Dental Implants Transition

If you have ill-fitting dentures, or if you simply haven't been able to adjust to the change, dental implants may be the best next step! The process begins with a consultation with an experienced implant dentist. Your dentist will be able to ...

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