Smile Gallery: Six Month Smiles

Over the years, we've created some amazing smile transformations for hundreds of our patients. We aren't satisfied until you're satisfied, and we work with you to find the exact treatment that helps us achieve your goals for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Please take a moment to browse our gallery of before and after pictures to see some of the ways we can help you.

picture of the same teeth after Six Month braces and Zoom whitening | temple tx
Feeling Confident!
Do you sometimes hide your smile? Do you feel like people are only looking at your teeth when you DO smile? This lady came to us because she hid her smile for a very long time. We want our patients to feel confident, so we sat down together to discus...[Read More]
image of teeth with crowding and crossbite | temple tx
image of the same teeth after a Six Month Smile makeover | temple tx
Six Month Smiles - Crowding and Crossbite
Do you want straight teeth but not want to be in metal brackets?Here we have another one of Dr. Richard Leung's Six Month Smiles patients. This patient came to us after enduring years of crooked teeth and being unhappy with her smile. She always wa...[Read More]
image of teeth with gaps | temple tx
Image of the same teeth after short term orthodontics | temple tx
Short Term Orthodontics to Close Gaps
Do you have a gap between your two front teeth and feel embarrassed to smile?This patient came to Temple Dental Trails wanting to close the space between her two front teeth. We went over different orthodontic options such as Invisalign, traditiona...[Read More]