Smile Gallery: Dental Implants

Over the years, we've created some amazing smile transformations for hundreds of our patients. We aren't satisfied until you're satisfied, and we work with you to find the exact treatment that helps us achieve your goals for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Please take a moment to browse our gallery of before and after pictures to see some of the ways we can help you.

image of teeth before dental implants | temple tx
image of the same teeth after dental implants | temple tx
Dental Implants Can Replace Missing Teeth to Give You Your Smile Back!
Just like our patient with the big wedding event, this young physician wanted to look his best for graduation. Genetically, his upper two teeth never grew in. He came to Dr. Rich hoping to feel more confident with his smile. After a thorough discussi...[Read More]
image of chipped and missing teeth following an accident | temple tx
picture of the same teeth after a root canal and dental implants & crowns | temple tx
Accidents Happen
When accidents happen, Dr. Rich and the Temple Dental Trails team came to the rescue. This young man had an unforeseen accident that left him with a few missing and chipped front teeth. Dr. Rich was able to restore his smile and give him the function...[Read More]
image of a missing tooth | temple tx
image of the same patient after orthodontics, bridge, and implant | temple tx
Missing Tooth? Not Anymore
This young lady had a missing front tooth. We started orthodontics to create space for her new tooth. After the proper space was made we created a bridge and implant that gave her a perfect new smile.